Our Story

The Roam Sticks Team


John Arbuckle


Founding Farmer


John is a 9th generation farmer. He was a mountain climber, raft guide, and environmental educator before returning to his roots of farming. He has also been an organic vegetable farmer and raised pastured broiler chickens, egg laying chickens, turkeys, cows and sheep in addition to pigs.


Holly Arbuckle




Holly is an acupuncturist, wellness coach, and complex homeopathy practitioner. She was a backpacking trip leader, ski instructor, raft guide, and environmental educator before settling down to work on healing and farming. She believes in the connection between healing the land and healing ourselves.

The Evolution of the Pasture-Raised Revolution

A Legacy of Farming


John Arbuckle’s roots in farming go back nine generations. Up until World War II, almost all family farms were chemical free. Since then, pork production has changed from small, family farms to large, industrial confinement operations. John and his wife, Holly, decided to buy a small farm in Missouri and get to work raising animals like our ancestors, on green grass without growth stimulants, antibiotics, and GMOs.


The Challenge


We put everything into the farm—our money, our time, and our passion. We grew vegetables to sell at the local Farmer’s Market. We used portable electric fences to rotationally graze egg laying chickens, turkeys, broiler chickens, and pigs. We worked off-farm jobs, but we still were barely making it. Buying a farm in rural Missouri had made our dream of having a farm attainable, but our markets were too small to support what we had to offer. A a neighboring farmer said to us, “There are people in the cities who want what I can grow, but they can’t find me. I’ll grow anything you want, but I can’t find them.”


The Aha! Moment


When we cooked at home, we always had real food we felt great about, but when we needed to grab something for an on the go snack the options were limited. One day we realized that there were no snacks made from 100% non-GMO, pasture raised pork, so we decided to make one. The result was Roam Sticks. We use the old fashioned preservation processes of fermentation and smoking rather than the cheaper, modern alternatives of preservatives, hydrogenated oils, chemical smoke, and red dye. Delicious, nutritious, and ready to eat, Roam Sticks’ mission is to get the best pork available directly from small, sustainable farms to people who really care about where their food comes from.